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Edge rendering

With different edge thickness and colors, and toon-like shading

EdgeLine2-1-16.png     POT_alafos1_8bpc.png

(Left) Salt bridge between Arg and C term carboxylate in crambin 1CRN, (Right) Oligopeptide transporter POT complexed with peptide analog, alafosfalin 4IKZ.

QSC file of these scenes
Left: EdgeLine2-1.qsc,
Right: POT_alafos1.qsc and POT_alafos1_styles.xml (Save the qsc and xml files in the same folder!)
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Edge rendering

Cartoon model

Helices with different smoothness

GkPOT_hsm2.png GkPOT_hsm3.png GkPOT_hsm5.png

Transmembrane helices of POT (4IKV) shown with cartoon-cylinder model of different smoothness (2.0, 3.0, and 5.0 for left, center, right panels, respectively).

QSC file of this scene
POT_overall1.qsc and POT_overall1_styles.xml (Save the qsc and xml files in the same folder!)
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Cartoon display

Nucleic acid model

Cas9_nucltype_basepair1.png  Cas9_nucltype_simple1.png  Cas9_nucltype_detail2.png

RNA-DNA component of S. pyogenes Cas9 (4OO8), shown by basepair, simple1, and detail2 modes of nucl renderer (left, middle, and right panels, respectively).

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Nucleic acid display

Molecular surface

Cross-sections of solvent-excluded surface


Surface model representations of B. halodurans YidC (3WO6) coloured according to its electrostatic potential

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Cross-section of Mol surface



Right image was rendered using radiosity.

Note: Radiosity rendering using POV-Ray3.7 is available in release 3.3.1.


Spin, camera motion, show and hide of renderers

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See also
Basic of animation, Camera motion, and Show and hide of renderers

Structural change animation by linear morphing

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Morphing animation


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